Versus: Modern Baseball- Sports vs. You’re Gonna Miss It ALL

The Case for Sports

By Carly Preston, Staff Writer

2013- as I enter the second semester of my junior year of high school-I was depressed. Stuck in a suburb of two mediocre Ohio cities. I was full of mid-west small town angst. I was a mediocre student who loved hanging out at Sheetz with my swishy-haired boyfriend. I was the perfect candidate for Sports by Modern Baseball.

Sports, released through Lame-O Records in late 2012, were the debut album by pop-punk Philly boys-Modern Baseball. The album deals with a variety of themes, from love, loneliness, and how it feels to be a young “stuck” person in American. All quintessential pop-punk themes! However, Sports puts a clever and almost self aware twist on those common “I’m so sad themes”

Sports opens with “Re-Do,” a clear joke on it being the opening song. It wittingly begins with “I wanna start from the top, maybe like a do-over replace the voices in my head with blind innocence.” Immediately, with only one sentence, the tone of Sports is set. We, as listeners are going to hear the band replaying these stories to themselves, all while trying to find the humor in it all.

What follows after is an inter-twinning of narratives and epics. All placed over twanging guitars and a more modern and clean set up to the traditional pop-punk sound. Specifically, the first coupling of songs from “Re-Do” to “@chl03k.” With, arguably the albums best songs, “Tears over Beers” and “The Weekend” wedged in between. These four tracks serve as Modern Baseball’s opening version of “Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/ The End.” They transition incredibly smoothly all while keeping a tone and new theme each time.

Other notable tracks include the B-side opener “Re-Done” and “Play Ball!” However, the album’s closer “Coals” is the standout track. It’s soft, simple, self-aware, and reflective. The increasingly loud vocals and lyrics like “Eight hours on the top of a bus just to find out in the end I will never stop fallin in love’ show exactly why I spent so many nights crying to this song.

That right there is why Sports is the best Modern Baseball album. It is pure nostalgia. It is crying while breaking up with your high school boyfriend. It is long showers and long drives. It is missing home, but then hating home. It is finding someone you love just as much as that first boyfriend. It is screaming the lyrics to “Tears Over Beers” with all your new college friends. It is milestones that perfectly match larger than life moments.

The Case for You’re Gonna Miss It ALL

By Autumn Johnson, Contributor

Although I had heard, as well as seen, Modern Baseball before their second album release in 2014-You’re Gonna Miss It All is the album that made me fall in love with the Philly band. With 12 songs coming in at just under 30 minutes long, this album released under Run For Cover Records by while the foursome studies at Drexel University is pop punk at it’s best. Since then “Mobo,” for short, has consistently stayed one of my favorite bands today.

There’s a sharpness and clarity in You’re Gonna Miss It All that isn’t present in the bands earlier or later work. The purpose is made clear and achieved strongly all through its half hour run. The sound is more mature and clear than their first album, Sports. With meatier drumming and catchier more emo sounding guitars. All tied up with even shorter and smarter songs. It is more fun, energetic, and obsessively catchy!

The lyrics are gut wrenchingly relatable in You’re Gonna Miss It All; with lines that pull at the heartstrings of anyone worried about feeling young and hopeless in their town. The town of course being Philly, which is referenced much more throughout this album than any other. Like most Modern Baseball lyrics they are clever and extremely descriptive, but in You’re Gonna Miss It All there’s more a quirky and lighthearted nature.

Modern Baseball’s most popular song “Your Graduation,” a pop-punk banger and all around sad-kid staple that can be found on almost any playlist made for eating pizza with your friends. My favorite song “Apartment” sounds exactly like what it feels like to have an embarrassingly strong crush on someone. Being extremely nervous and jittery whenever you see them-fumbling over your words while trying to seem as cool as possible. This is just one of many incredibly relatable and clever tracks on the record.

You’re Gonna Miss It All consistently has one great song after another, with no points I would consider either boring or inconsistent to the album as a whole. It is pop punk at it’s best and Modern Baseball at their best.